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In London on Saturday I did actually see one pair of shioner, a tepphar and a Thavar. All dark and plain like 88Z type colours. The most Diesel I have seen in a long time especially of the skinny type.
In London and the UK Levi's have made a big comeback with their 510 and 511 range and now they seem more popular than Diesel again. Diesel skinny jeans have never really been that popular in the UK and it was always rare to see someone wearing Thavar etc. Larkee yes, but never skinnies. That said they were never completely not seen. I think Levi's have just had a renaissance.
I'm W29 L32
Not posted for a very long time! In Thailand (Phuket) ready to go out. Sleenker 824Z
I am currently in Thailand on holiday and I can honestly say the only guy I have seen wearing Diesel jeans is myself. No locals are wearing them at all. In fact there are very few "western" jeans, not even Levis!
I would also like to know if anyone has tried them and what they are like?
I have 825m and I love them. I would like some 831E but can't seem to find any
There are some really cool Sleenker washes this season. I might have to start saving up!
Levi's have seemed to have had a renaissance of late after premium brands like Diesel seemed to become more popular. That certainly seems the case in the UK. Now that their 510 and 511 styles mirror their 501 which has been restyled to its earlier 80s style they have a better fit and are more popular again.   I have switched back to Levis a lot more again now too.
I don't know if they ship to the U.S. Zalando is a German site but operate Zalando and Zalando lounge in the UK.
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