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My Sleenker 830j with Abercrombie "What's Next?" Tshirt and Hollister knit cardigan
Makes me want to get my 880M out now!
Here are my 510s in Begonia wash      
 Thanks....I will have to post some pix of my other 510s
My I have Sleenker 886Z and Thavar 886Z both in W29 and L32. They both fit the same in the waist but Sleenker is slimmer down the legs. To be honest the Sleenker fit much better than the Thavar.
I like the carrot fit of Tepphar. I did try on some 886z in the Diesel store along with Sleenker in the same wash. I decided to go for Sleenker on that occasion but had the Sleenkers not been available I would have gone with Tepphar.
No I don hate Tepphar. I already have a pair.
I think they both look great although I think the Thavar have the edge for me!
Bargains on Zalando Lounge this morning
Thanks arspy87. That's what I think, there is no point buying skinny jeans if you are going to wear them baggy. They are stretchy denim too. There is plenty of give in them!
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