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Here are the fit pix
After 3 weeks of waiting for the courier to decide to get their fingers out of their arses and actually deliver my items from Zalando! They have finally arrived! Thanaz 813Z, Tepphar 820Q, Potsie bag, grey printed tshirt and a Christmas present from my mom and dad being the blue tshirt
My NYE outfit! Got my Thanaz 8KJ and Diesel jumper out Happy New Year everyone
I hope they invest in Sleenker like they do Thavar and not retire it like they did with Shioner after a short time. I hope Sleenker is different enough to Thavar to keep it going. Perhaps Shioner was too similar to Thavar to inspire many people.
My new Diesel Chronograph
They look good. I wear w29 in Thavar and w30 in Levis. Perhaps you could go to a w31?
My Sleenker 830j with Abercrombie "What's Next?" Tshirt and Hollister knit cardigan
Makes me want to get my 880M out now!
Here are my 510s in Begonia wash      
 Thanks....I will have to post some pix of my other 510s
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