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I found that link this morning! I know USC. There is a shop locally to here too! Trouble is they don't have w29 l32. Any ideas where I can get them in my size or do you think I could get away with W28?
Where can I get Sleenker 829I? Not on the Diesel store in the UK. Not coming up on Google searches either.
I'm not going to post again. The last 6 outfits I have posted have generated absolutely no comments, good nor bad!
I love this jumper. K-Crono with Thavar 888P
 No I got my usual size and after one wear they didn't stretch out at all.
Diesel K-Crono with Diesel shirt and Sleenker 886Z
I do prefer Viker to Larkee if I am honest. They fit better. The leg is slimmer than Larkee which is too wide for me. I hope that they reverse their decision too. I doubt they will though!
Here is tonight's outfit for a night in London Thavar 807V, Diesel tshirt and Diesel denim shirt
Are the 820Q bleached blue or grey? They look awesome!
My Thavar 807V arrived today. Going to wear them tonight in London so I will do fit pix later!
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