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Let's see fit pix PJBUK
They look great! They are on my list. If they fit like my Sleenker 886Z they will be great. It's nice to have some skinnies with a button fly for once!
Here's my Christmas outfit My new Diesel jumper, Diesel white shirt and Sleenker 886Z
No I don't.....I get Leg 29 not waist 29.
I tried to search "Diesel Jeans 29" and I get 29 inch leg jeans rather than 29 inch waist jeans. What other clothes websites remove the option of waist size? It's absolutely stupid!
 Nice outfit.... what jeans are they?
How ridiculous is this?   eBay in the UK have removed the "trouser size" option for searching for waist size in jeans meaning you have to trawl through hundreds of listings to find what you want.   I have complained but their response was this. "After conducting research, men want to be able to search by waist size so we have removed this option". Doesn't that contradict what people want? They said just type in "diesel jeans 29" and I will get what I want. I tried that...
School Christmas meal tonight Diesel blue v-neck sweater, diesel shirt and Thanaz-A 00CVM
What jeans are they?
 Let's see fit pix then!
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