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Yeah still here! 2014 is starting well so far. Started swimming again and hoping to drop some Christmas (and previous) fat! Great fit on the Shioner 74Y
Welcome back Numa1978. Great fit on the Shioner there!
Comfy post New Year day today Thavar 880i (I love these jeans) with my Diesel hoodie
Happy New Year! Last night I wore my Thavar 888P with a plain black Topman shirt. I didn't get pix but maybe I will reenact the outfit for photos!
Larkee 74C with Diesel hooded knit
They fit great PJBUK I will have to pull the trigger and get some too!
I have been keeping an eye on these in the Diesel Online store until I got some money together with my Christmas money etc. I had a look yesterday and they were still there in my size. I got an email over night saying "last product available" so I went on to buy before they sold out and my size has gone. They must have had a buying frenzy.   Just been looking elsewhere online and the only ones I can find are from sojeans which I am told from reviews are not as reliable...
Any chance of getting Thavar 807V in W29 L32?
Let's see fit pix PJBUK
They look great! They are on my list. If they fit like my Sleenker 886Z they will be great. It's nice to have some skinnies with a button fly for once!
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