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Diesel Sleenker 886z with my new Abercrombie tee And with new cross body Diesel Fellow bag
My new Diesel New Fellow cross body bag in Blue Nights colour. Not Diesel but my new Abercrombie tee, skinny denim shorts and skinny jeans.
@straychev perfect fit on the 8X2. Really look good   @denim addict I love those 830P and 830R. I think I prefer the second pair more but both look great.
Where did you get those 608H beauties?
I wasn't being offensive. I was merely suggesting that fashions and tastes change and that bootcuts are not as popular anymore.   Yes, I didn't like Thanaz (Thavar didn't exist then) because I wasn't a fan of skinny jeans. I was still in Zathan and Zatiny Bootcuts and Safado (which I still wear and like). My tastes have changed too.
Does anyone wear bootcut any more?
Thanks @denim addict!!!
Today Thanaz 8b9 and Diesel white polo
They are 825M.  The price gives it away. 8880M was never that much. I want the 825M but can't justify the very high price
@777dude great fits on both of the Thanaz. Like them alot.   @straychev, loving the 8X2. Looking forward to some better fit pix.
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