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 Its the way I am standing. It is high cut at the sides but lower front and back. It looks better when I am not trying to be a contortionist and take pictures in a mirror with my iPhone
Thavar 886B and new white Diesel polo
 I agree, the 886B is one of the best grey washes. You don't need to replace them!
Is everything going to be ripped, bobbled and paint splashed to the extreme then?
I think I might have to get me a pair....they are just so expensive!
I have never hated Thanaz and Thavar
I personally don't like Darron. Stick with Safado in my opinion!
They look great! The Zatiny looked good but they look better in my opinion. Get some more Safado!!!
Post pix and we can advise you!
EKULP01 the Zatiny look good on you. I would also consider Safado too. They are a nice slim straight fit that you are looking for. Be sure to post pix when you get some! Great to see another UK member too!
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