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I know people are trying other jeans. I have never been exclusive to Diesel. I still wear Levis 501s, 511 slim and 510 skinny. I also have some Lee Daren slim jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch skinny, Hollister skinny and even cheap high street skinny jeans like Topman and H&M. I like a variety of different cuts, makes and washes.
 I have that cardigan!
Diesel have never really concentrated any efforts on Shioner anyway. I love the cut but the washes were quite uninspiring. Thavar got all the decent washes. I think that was also true of Thanaz. Thavar was always the updated version of Thanaz.   Viker isn't as popular as Larkee in the straight wash market. Larkee is the cut I see most often out in public.   I'm surprised that Tepphar is on its way out though. It's not even like they are phasing it out like they did...
Let's see fit pix then @leftvapor
Sleenker 886z again with K-Crono jumper yet again
I agree @denim addict. They are sexy 888Ps!!
Yes, real. Just like my pair!
They look great! Keep them!
I found that link this morning! I know USC. There is a shop locally to here too! Trouble is they don't have w29 l32. Any ideas where I can get them in my size or do you think I could get away with W28?
Where can I get Sleenker 829I? Not on the Diesel store in the UK. Not coming up on Google searches either.
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