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Diesel t-Brillo tshirt. Sorry, wrong thread....iPhone decided to post it here instead of latest purchases!
 Unless you can see the whole jeans you can't see any difference. They look exactly the same as mine to be honest.
I am their spam filter at the moment and report all the bloody kitchen threads!
Go for the 8880M. They are a great wash for the summer and look great.
I say the following   For Tepphar Teff -arr   For Thavar Tha-varr   For Shioner Shy-uh-ner
 You shouldn't sell them anyway! They look awesome on you! Wear them more!!!
 Looking great there in the 880M. Great summer wash even if it is a few years old now!
Yesterday Thavar 880i with diesel polo and today larkshort.
 Its the way I am standing. It is high cut at the sides but lower front and back. It looks better when I am not trying to be a contortionist and take pictures in a mirror with my iPhone
Thavar 886B and new white Diesel polo
New Posts  All Forums: