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I say the following   For Tepphar Teff -arr   For Thavar Tha-varr   For Shioner Shy-uh-ner
 You shouldn't sell them anyway! They look awesome on you! Wear them more!!!
 Looking great there in the 880M. Great summer wash even if it is a few years old now!
Yesterday Thavar 880i with diesel polo and today larkshort.
 Its the way I am standing. It is high cut at the sides but lower front and back. It looks better when I am not trying to be a contortionist and take pictures in a mirror with my iPhone
Thavar 886B and new white Diesel polo
 I agree, the 886B is one of the best grey washes. You don't need to replace them!
Is everything going to be ripped, bobbled and paint splashed to the extreme then?
I think I might have to get me a pair....they are just so expensive!
I have never hated Thanaz and Thavar
New Posts  All Forums: