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Aahz, Thanaz look hot on you. Love the 71J. Such a classic wash. I still have my old Zathans (not that I wear them now) in that wash!
Great fit @phukette and @french boy! Today another eBay purchase, Diesel cardigan with Thavar 8x2 and lovely pink socks!
My advice on Narrot is to avoid them like the plague! They are vile jeans in my opinion.
Looking great there French boy
Thanks straychev. I guess I know what I like and that's why I stick to it.
Why is it that all of the jeans I want are not on the Diesel online store or anywhere online in the UK?   Sleenker 827Q Sleenker 829I (they are on USC but not in my size) Thavar 825M   And they are all megabucks too!
Here's the back of the cardigan
@phukette I bought it from eBay
My new Diesel cardigan with Thavar 8880m
Those Sleenker look hot! Really love the colour and fit!
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