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Thanks iPaul. Today I am a real "Levislad".
Aahz, looking hot! Such cool style.   Dieselolic, I want some Sleenker! Give them to me!
 Are you going to model them then?
I think I might like them yes! I'll give them a go!
I might have to try the Sleenker. Makes a change to have a button fly skinny than zip fly.   I wonder if there will be any more Shioners?
Well you might as well delist them and get some wear out of them then! ;-)
 Phukette, you should wear yours again. The 8880M looked fantastic on you. Also makes a change to see a cool light wash on you. You should revive them!
Today, Diesel cardigan and Topman tshirt with Thavar 8880m.
Thavar 886B, Diesel denim shirt and tshirt
New Posts  All Forums: