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Sleenker 886z again with K-Crono jumper yet again
I agree @denim addict. They are sexy 888Ps!!
Yes, real. Just like my pair!
They look great! Keep them!
I found that link this morning! I know USC. There is a shop locally to here too! Trouble is they don't have w29 l32. Any ideas where I can get them in my size or do you think I could get away with W28?
Where can I get Sleenker 829I? Not on the Diesel store in the UK. Not coming up on Google searches either.
I'm not going to post again. The last 6 outfits I have posted have generated absolutely no comments, good nor bad!
I love this jumper. K-Crono with Thavar 888P
 No I got my usual size and after one wear they didn't stretch out at all.
Diesel K-Crono with Diesel shirt and Sleenker 886Z
New Posts  All Forums: