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Here are the 825m
@Phukette you finally sold your 8880M? That's a shame because they looked great on you.   My 8880M are better to wear in the summer rather than 880I. They are much thinner denim than the 880I. They are thinner denim than 880M too. I really like them.   I also have 825M which are a bit more stretchy than the 8880M but very similar.
I gave Sleenker 886Z and it's a jet black plain wash. I know it has been available in Tepphar and Thavar
@phukette if you don't mind me saying, those Thavar define your legs and hips really well. They accentuate your shape perfectly!
Thavar 816N with Diesel shirt
@ColdSteel the 8880M look great. They don't look too tight so I wouldn't size down. Mine haven't stretched out. The pockets look fine too...If you are worried then take the iron to them and the curls will be removed.
I think he's edited the post and deleted the pic. From what I saw they were not a great fit as the guys have said above.
Here are some pictures to show the details. They are actually holes unlike the abrasions on the 8880m.
I went for my normal size. I need to lose a few pounds which I will do over the summer whilst I am not at work. The distressed details are abrasions and don't go all the way through.
Just recieved my new Thavar 825M from France.
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