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Thanks @rcom440 Yes I do have Tepphar 820q
Perhaps you won't think these are as tight! Thavar 8880m inspired after @Phukette said he wish he hadn't sold his.
Thanks @rcom440.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/361239610027 Here you go @phukette
Get yourself on eBay and see if you can bag yourself some new ones! I knew I was right when I said you looked hot in them!
@phukette I know that you are always constructive and positive and I respect your views. I guess it's just like I really liked your Thavar 8880M. I thought they really looked great on you but you didn't and sold them. Horses for courses I guess!
I appreciate your comments of course! Maybe in the photos they do look too tight. They do however fit like all my other sleenkers. Perhaps I will do some better photos. That said I like them and I have have been complimented about them!
The weather is good so I thought I'd wear my Sleenker 829i with my new Pepe Jeans London tshirt
That picture is my backside! They don't normally sit like that. It was the way I was trying to take the picture and stretching round that made the waist sit oddly
Not worn these for a while. Thavar 807C
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