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Happy New Year everyone! Finishing 2015 with Sleenker 833F and a diesel print tee
Tepphar 820Q with Diesel knit
Thanks @phukette All of the fits are the same size as I normally wear
Let's see pix
No I haven't lost weight. Does it look like I have?
Today Sleenker 830J with Sonora denim shirt
Last night I went out for dinner with ex-colleagues for Thai food. Wore my Sleenker 886z with my new Diesel knit.
My new Sleenker 608K. Probably you will think they are too tight again but hey, I like them!
In my opinion the 886B looks good with a black shirt. Its not a completely outrageous wash and goes well with the shirt. The only thing I don't like personally is the brown belt. But otherwise I like the outfit.
Just got another Zalando lounge bargain! All this for £180 in total!!!! Sleenker 823Z Sleenker 608K T-Malaya Maglietta T-Dara grey T-Dara navy
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