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Quote: Originally Posted by nervous24 ^ I disagree. Safado's NEVER fit anything like Trouleg for me from the knee down. Ive tried countless Safaod's and own every Trouleg ever made save for 73c and some other I forgot of course trouleg and safado fit different below the knee down one is straight the other is trumpet but given the op wants to turn it into a straight leg for aesthetic reasons there won't be much material difference
solution is simple sell troulegs buy safado
Quote: Originally Posted by the c in rap is silent_ lolwut i was referring to everyone else on hf, you dumb overweight fat fuck. your statement here contradicts your future reference to rhetoric sorry buddy
no no nav you missed my point you proved your inability to win an argument on your own merits instead you tried to bring others into the argument a showing of force and clout you needed reassurance of others in order to intimidate me but oh well nav as i said i don't expect much from you so continue saying and doing as you please lol you seem to be repeating yourself you can't generate some form of other retort than fat can you? you are really that limited in your...
Quote: Originally Posted by the c in rap is silent_ how many more times do you guys think zourtsanos is going to tell us that he doesn't care about what we say about him? i think he's at his 4th or 5th, right? maybe if he tells us enough times we'll finally believe him. see nav i told you would eventually bring your posse into this cheers for proving me right, happy trolling
i noticed the spelling error i didn't think you would be petty enough to bring the discourse into that field-oh and before you begin with the grammar war you should understand that different gramatical rules apply in different contexts we're on the internet not writing a thesis and therefore not bound by the strict rules of grammar but then again being nav you're probably beyond this as well-lol nav no really i don't care what you think of me my life isn't sad enough to be...
nav you surprise me for a person who tries to come across as intellectual you are an ignoramous to say the least, i don't care if you are to critique what i wear i am more than happy for you to tell me what i wear is old hat doesn't mesh ugly etc but the only criticism you offered were that my straps offended you and i was fat, in other words your brain operates in the same limited capacity as a 16 year old girl-i don't care for compliments from strangers on the internets...
cheers for the photo edit pee you pousti i'm sure your wife enjoys the cock of a man which has visited some other unsanitised arsehole but then again she french kisses you so i suppose she's accustomed to rimming @ nav lol only 22 so not married not really interested about your remarks about my weight either as i'm sure being asian skinny is a natural and unfortunate occurence for you, i hope you're filling out your yarik 87js better than you but then again your e...
don't regularly take photos of my kit but my sister took one for me Diesel Timmen 89z Ralph Lauren Ted Baker Brake loafers Thesaurus belt I fucking loven timmen 89z does anyone know any new styles that come close cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 I don't think Zathan is a bad cut, actually. But you are right these are horrendous and look more like R&R than Diesel, huge step backwards imo. i'm still a fan of zathan still rockin' my 764s and 772 like it were 2003 haha but this cut is shit-i completely agree with the R&R observation it does look like a pair of their jeans
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