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I've seen something like this from Juicy and Burberry in the 08 winter collections
mod edit: sorry, man gotta use the mall!
thanks gymangel!
Does anyone know how much this seasons Chanel's check book wallets go for? If under a grand we're in business!
Are there any other websites that carry authentic Energie besides ssense.com and shop.energie.it?
eBay: New Energie Elanor Mens Fur Hooded Sweater Jacket sz. L (item 180085409264 end time Feb-19-07 19:30:40 PST) Is it authentic? Can anyone tell without seeing the actual hoodie in hand?
thx kirie. dunno why i didnt yahoo it =\
A size 50 in European sizing for a men's coat is a what in American?
Where can I find a Weyta coat in M or L? ANYONE?
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