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A few friends and I have a fashion dilemma! We will be celebrating New Year's in New Orleans and we don't know what to wear. It will likely be cold and there will be a lot of walking. The streets are not conducive to heels and I don't want to ruin my good shoes (or jeans for that matter). It is extremely crowded. We do have a balcony reserved so layers would work. I have some harness boots that are really comfy but I'm afraid I'll ruin them since the streets are...
Fine....but only because you stayed up with me that night, Ange! The wash is darker in person. I'm hoping they shrink up a little around the lower butt...I'm sure they will.
Yay!! I had a good feeling about the deal in the end because she was so forthcoming with the pics and all. I got lucky!!! I'll try to remember the butt pics after they are washed and hemmed.
So I had the ebay drama with the seller having diff. pics. I got the rainbows in today and here they are.... ...I'm no expert by any means. Are they good? The pockets aren't lopsided like they appear in the first pic...it was the camera angle.
So far. Right now I'm pretty ashamed of myself that I got caught up in the pretty rainbow pockets and didn't take notice of the obvious different styles pictured.
Thanks!!! I thought so too. I'm going to direct her this way and give her some tips. I honestly don't think that she knew she was sabatoging her own auctions. Now I just have to see if I receive the ones pictured....
Here are the pics she sent this morning. She also readily admitted that she "borrows" pictures from other auctions to get better pictures. Says she didn't realize that it was a bad thing to do and was actually hurting her auction. She has been very accomodating so far. I'll admit too that when I started ebay, I did the same thing. I honestly just thought it was a short cut and I didn't realize that it was stealing or against the rules...HONEST!!! I didn't find out it...
I'm posting pics of the actual jeans in the "Crap" thread.
Thanks! I just requested those. I appreciate you sticking around. Hopefully she'll be as quick with this response.
She also just sent this message... If you send me your email address I will send them directly to you ASAP. Thanks, and I understand your concern, I too purchase my jeans from ebay and have been sold fakes in the past. I will be happy to get you what ever you need to feel better about them.
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