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my wife found rebelboutique.com and they are selling high end bags. would like to know any feedback from you guys if this is a legit site to buy. thanks and good day. rafiel
Do u guys remember what year this came out? This is 100% cotton at size 31. Attica and Oxycotin fit me just right on size 30 plus it has stretch. Do u guys think this will fit me? Thanks!
Hi guys, just need to know if this one is real and if it is, what is the wash? Thanks!
My size 30 OXY with waist unaligned is 15.5" and 16" aligned. The size 31 I'm going to sell is 16" unaligned and about 16.5" aligned. Like Marty123 told me, the Floyds does hug the thighs more but still with space left which is how I like it and it don't forget the OXY has stretch so it is comfortable. I hope this helps.
Hi guys, Here's my report on the Floyd OXYCOTIN I bought from nlp272. Everyone was right, the size 31 was too big coz I'm normally a 30. The seller does not accept returns, only exchanges which is ok. I bought a size 30 OXY from Revolve at 15% disc, got it hemmed so I'm happy now. By the way I will sell the Floyd OXY I got from nlp272(ebay) which is size 31 altered inseam to 29 with ORIGINAL HEM(first time I've seen one and it is nice). I will probably put it on...
Hey Marty, What size is it and how much would u sell it for? I'm a size 30, please remember, i'm the first one who expresse interest on it, lol.
Thanks! I love my floyd attica's as it fits like my zathan 764 but with a give. I checked out the selenium and they are beautiful man but this oxycotin and the yellow R has been talking to me for the past few weeks now, LOL. I'm glad u mentioned that silvery glow coz I have my Joe's jeans that has that kind of a wash and I really like it. So I finally bought the Oxycotin that is closest to my size that was available and hope it will still fit good. Thanks again.
I'm still amazed by the Attica's fit, coz it feels a little tight but yet stil comfortable, hard to explain. I hope I would still like the Oxy's fit. By the way marty 123, u always have the answers to my questions. I'm still new with R&R's but which style or wash for men is the best u have seen in your opinion?
OMG! My Attica's I think is a little tight but my wife likes it. There might be a chance it would be OK, LOL. If not I will sell it for the price I got it. Thanks for the quick reply.
Lol! Thanks for the help guys but I ended up buying Floyd Oxycotin 31 X 29 original hemmed. I am 30 X 30 on my floyd Attica. Does the two differ in fit or are they exactly the same. Thanks!
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