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Look good to me, IMO
Bernie was one of my fav comedians of all times, I am so sad he died to young! RIP! YouTube - Bernie Mac best laugh EVER!
They look great on you and I love the new bag
Yeah I agree, I am not impressed with the new washes but I am sure they will make some that we will love yay for 10 pairs.. I need more too! Quote: Originally Posted by jayme.michelle ^thanks I think this is my 10th pair of matics (!) I'm sure there will be more for me in the future....unfortunately I've not been too impressed with any of the current washes. Maybe that's a good thing, lol. rock&republic - a super awesome friend of mine found these at...
oooh those are so hot on you and the fit is perfect! More Matics for you!
They look good to me, IMO
First time posting in here but man is it hot in here~ I got these matics for an insane deal on ebay for $69 NWT and this is the 2-3 time I've worn them.. Im in love! Sorry about the crappy pics First set was Saturday for brunch with a gal pal and my son was in the process of getting undressed to be dressed And yesterday out and about. I couldnt decide on which shoes but I ended up wearing my leopard flats
naa Im just speaking the truth! Seriously though, I love your style! Dress me next Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Thank you! You're always so sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess I was in my NYE bootcut jeans for most of today. Gosh those look amazing on you.. your butt looks great.. you always look great!
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