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what is "bump pwning," dee-oso, if i may be so bold to ask?
it is a post where the targeted individual or people can not help but to respond to! much like the hook-bait-lure that fishermen use to catch fish!
you know, i don't really appreciate whoever keeps undeleting my hook-bait-lure posts
twyla, how is your mid-life crisis treating you?
verisimilitude, twyla's current e-crush that her husband doesn't know about, was short-changed! but again, i never had a problem with verisimilitude's original, unedited thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zubin Diesel hahahaha, good try, dude. props to the neg'ger on that post -1 for enabling the spitters!
that's okay, twyla, i can keep bumping this thread whenever it drops out of the front page so everyone can see who your next new current list of e-friends are! please keep updating your list - it is extremely important that everyone knows who you like!
what the flying fuck has happened to the diesel section? i need someone to pm the story.. seriously. (preferably begret, dee-oso, jetsetter or sonicvoodoo) how many of these people are the same? Zubin Diesel barbie_az twyla NYC EXCLUSIVE SHOP barry berko avatar and whoever else i might have missed...
rome is old news. rather, do as the aussies do!
i am flattered that you had to come into my thread to say that you didn't read it!
New Posts  All Forums: