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DIOR² HOMME² BY HEDI SLIMANE JEANS SIZE 30 bei eBay.de: (endet 22.03.09 23:55:16 MEZ)
Not funny. Not at all.
@ Ben Love the 71J on you ! I'd advise you against wearing deep-V's though, since they look extremely girlish on you and on guys with a rather skinny upper body in general, in my opinion. Contrary to popular belief, i find that deep-V's only look good on guys with a nice, muscular and buff chest and at least an averagely biceps. Example -> http://www.pittsells.com/6456_4.jpg +1 for your Thanaz, though !
Love the sarcasm, Dave !
I guess it depends where you're from... In Germany, for example, they will come at you with an oversized eraser/rubber, try to scratch off the dog/cat/snake/tiger/skull, completely overcome with hysteria and rub you to death. Apart from that, Ed Hardy is a much-loved brand here.
Sadly not. The posted pics are from the Japanese Buttero website. Unfortunately, except for Barneys.com and some Japanese online-stores, I really don't know where to buy Buttero footwear online in general... =/ Orlando Shoes and Cartillone ( Riccardo Cartillone | Italienische Damen- & Herrenschuhe | Berlin ) in Berlin do carry Buttero. Their selection, at least online, seems very restricted, though...
They have some nice sneaks as well...
Btw... Unfortunately I haven't the foggiest idea, except for Japan, where i can buy them. I definitely want those, in case that the Momas won't fit, or won't be to my liking when I see them in person... Buttero - The boots of my dreams:
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