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What are sample sales like? Do you get to try on the clothes/jeans to make sure they fit, or is it like grab and go? hahaha And how much do the jeans, r&r, usually go for? Is it worth going? and are there usually lineups to get in? Anything else i need to know?
oh and are you allowed to try things on? sorry im a newbie
they look so nice im jealous of your great finds!!!
how much are jeans usually at these sample sales?! is it really that much cheaper then retail to afford 5 r&rs at once?! i want to go to one!
no i kind've wanted one but gilt groupe doesnt ship to canada or anywhere outside of the US
oops, haha i didnt even get the link it was just a response haha ill be waiting to check it out thanks
wow that was a quick response! THANK YOU
xlx_jackielyn_xlx@hotmail.com please and thank you =D
Just wondering if someone could tell me if these scorpions (krypton blue) are real, as well as these Kiedis gold stroke jeans are real, and how they fit (tts or size too big)... im usually a 24, thanks!
do skynards sknaw stretch? im usually a 24, and dont want them to get all baggy on me, should i go down a size? i had banchee banaw (i think thats how u spell it) and they majorly stretched out on me after wearing it.
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