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Where did you buy them from? From somewhere in the US and was it all from the same seller?
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner Sultry, I brought my "baby" to a photo shoot yesterday (for her second birthday) and the photographer showed up in a Hummer, LOL. That would have been so funny!
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner Does anyone here still wear designer jeans? I do.
What kind of shit is this? The former USSR? lol
Quote: Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl I don't know for sure, but I am guessing it was his penis. There is a picture of levi's little lad circulating around the forums. He is a redhead if I remember correctly LOL! So he is a ginger kid?
Post has been removed. What was it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zourtsanos concealed enthusiasm if i've ever seen it lol
^^Yes, so we can read about his 12 inch penis again.
Wow! I was wondering where you were. Congrats on the marriage and the baby. Are you still going into the military now?
Quote: Originally Posted by 9incher maybe we should discuss sex slings and dildos That would just get you banned again Pee. Don't think 9incher is going to last long as it is.
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