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Guy eventually admitted it was a troll. He found the pics on the internet and pretended he was the groom.
Wow I was sure everything was fake, Oppps Thanks courtzzz
No that is quite helpful, thank you Cass!!
Can anyone identify these tr's?? My bf loves them from the airing of the Poison concert, but I can't tell exactly what they are. I will post more pics if I can find any. TIA
Any guy who compliments my hair gets my attention. My shoes too, but then I may think you are gay Just be yourself and if you get turned down, take it as it is. The most annoying thing is when a guy just won't get the hint. And don't call a girl a lesbian just because she doesn't find you attractive. I freaking hate that. I think most of all though is to learn self confidence without it looking cocky or egotistical. I am attracted to confident men but can't stand cocky...
Ok so here is my problem...everytime I plug in my iPod, it freezes my computer. So I thought the issue was iTunes or the iPod. Then I buy a new HP printer and plug it in, and my computer won't recognize it even with software installed. So I think it is my USB's, which were all replaced less than a year ago. BUT, then I plug in my camera to upload pics, and I have no problem, it works in all of the USB's. I am stumped!! I am usually pretty good at fixing my computer, but...
Thank you so much!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP What a bunch of dumb twats, stealing from a little girl who was trying to raise money for girl scouts and then bragging to the camera, trying to be a couple of badasses. "Im like, kinda pissed, cause right now I have like all these charges against me" If there was ever a better example of why abortion should be legal, please point it out to me This is why I wish they would legalize sterilization!!! Perfect...
Sorry about that, here are single listings Thanks Coach Blush Pink Handbag Purse Signature 10945 NWT - (eBay.ca item 380033040349 end time 04-Jun-08 22:08:55 EDT) COACH 10944 $298 MINI SIGNATURE SOFT DUFFLE BLUSH PINK - (eBay.ca item 280230709010 end time 05-Jun-08 20:57:38 EDT) NWT AUTH COACH BLUSH SIGNATURE EASTWEST SFT DUFFLE $268 - (eBay.ca item 120267493943 end time 05-Jun-08 20:58:24 EDT) COACH SIGNATURE PINK BLUSH SOHO PURSE DUFFLE 10945 NEW - (eBay.ca item...
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