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I vote for silver! I work at a shoe store, and silver shoes are the hottest trend this season
Just to clarify... I want to remove the feedback I left for another person.
How do I go about removing HF feedback?
Bobby heritage in chalk run about half a size small IMO, I have to damp stretch mine before I can do them up lol
Becky's do run a size big. The rise is DEFINETLY not high! I think it is perfect
I didn't understand what she meant either. Here is the message she sent: "I'm trying to send you the money but i've hit this stupid paypal limit, i'm trying to get it removed. Sorry for the wait."
So almost 4 weeks ago I put some jeans in the HF mall, and on ebay. 3 weeks ago, someone messaged me and was "interested." 2 weeks ago they said they for sure wanted them, but they didn't get paid for a few days. I told them that if they were still available then, they could purchase them, but if they sold before then, then I would have to sell them to the first person who could purchase them. So her payday comes along... and she messages me to send an invoice (this was 12...
They are awesome!!
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