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Outstanding.  I contacted many sellers and they all said Diesel did not produce this model in the 34 inseam.  I used the link you provided to let them know otherwise.  Thanks for taking to time.
I've looked all over and can't find New-Fanker 75L in 36x3.  In fact I can find any source or on-line site that offers a 34-inch length not even on the Diesel site.  Perhaps in this model/wash Diesel is not making a 34 length inseam option?  WSY
I would like some New-Fanker 801A 36 x 34, I understand not available in the USA but can anyone point me to a web site selling these in the 36x34 size?
I just wish the rise on Larkee was a little bit higher, I hate to have to always keep pulling the backs up. 
hey size 15,  the Zatiny 71j's are low rise, how do they fit compared to the zathan 89z?  I'd like to find a more fitted diesel with a higher rise, down't have to be high rise, just higher and fitter.  Levans and Quaratt are baggy. 
Domo Arigato....Sand_Dolphin2
Wow, good thing I have thick skin. I read HF becasue you guys pull no punches and say whats on your mind..that is good. Rise is important to some body types, long torso etc. When I study Viker ad's I see it list most frequently as 9.5 inches or 10.0 inches. Sand Dolfin measured his which came in at 9.1 inches. So i just thought I venture asking on HF, and my question was answered...thanks...nobody really know. Domo,
thanks guys, what I really want is someome, or many people to take a rule to their Vikers, measure the rise correctly and let me know here. Many site list it as 10 inches, some at 95. But the rule is the best option.
for the not too skinny guys: I would like to buy some diesel jeans, 36x34, let meknow what your have and or willing to sell.
sanddolf: thax for taking the time...is see that 23cm = 9.1 inches, does any one know the rise of waist size 36,is it the same as 9.1 or more? Me thinks 9.1 is super low rise, like zathan low rise. Anyone with vikers just please measure the rise and let me know, also let me know the waist and wash, it may impact things Domo Sand dolf
New Posts  All Forums: