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Lol.This system just don't like me. some are still sowing I have a guest pass
thanks guys.
sorry was going to pm you today. Yeah still getting the same msg.
okay thx... will give it a try and see what happens.
Flickr: mystic174's Photostream - screen shot
I don't remember when I paid.
Hi There are some posts in the mall that I cannot seem to view. When I click on the link, it tells me I have a guest pass. I don't think I do so am I missing something. thx
Thanks, I did check most were talking about TR so I was not sure about their SFAM. Just want to be safe then sorry.... just kinda strange that there are no reply at all... it's been 3 days since I sent the email.
Is it safe to buy from ebay user: buyyourjeans1 store name: BuyOurJeans? The reason is I sent a email requesting picture but got no reply. (Looking to buy their Ginger jeans) Thanks
nothing special except that the threading is either in silver or gold (more of bright shiny yellow). Jeans are dark dark blue. They are low rise the ones I was and should be considered bootcut. I think. New here love the infor provided on this form. THANKS
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