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wanted:   1. true religion super t billy or johnny aqua blue stitching in laguna medium - size 26 2. true religion super t billy in big sugar med - size 26   preferably bnwt or nwot   thanks! :)
1. super t billy in big sugar medium wash - size 26 2. super t johnny or billy aqua blue stitching in laguna medium - size 26   thanks!
would anybody know if this ebay seller (ebay i.d. "tmylisha") sells authentic TR jeans? just wanna make sure. thanks in advance!
does "vladtzv " (ebay seller) sell authentic TR jeans?
i know!!! love the wash!!! i was not able to bid though thanks anyway! i will just wait for a new pair to be available again in this size.
are these authentic billys in medium bandit wash? auction is ending in 5 hours. hope to hear from TR experts soon! TIA!
they run tts but they will stretch out with wear so if you want the fit to be snug, you can size down. very soft, light weight denim. one of my favs
hi! how do the kurts run in panic blue wash? do they stretch a lot? TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by Texan3000 Ok!!! Fakes are never kool. If you can't afford the real thing you would be better off wearing Old Navy Gap or something. You look stupid when you wear fake designer anything. "Pretender"...... I agree!!
oops... i'm sorry! i'm not sure if pictures with seller's username are allowed to be posted here. will edit the pictures now...
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