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Can you tell me if these look good and the fit?? Thanks for any help!! And if real, what you would consider a good price? Thanks!
Wow, I love those-they look great on you!!
It looks like there is something similar to what she has pictured behind the hangtag in this pic of your auction, or maybe I am seeing things?? You can see the snag (not sure it is a tear starting beside the belt loop.
Lush Times Size 25
I just want to thank everybody for help with my auth check. Got my fleurs in today, hemmed to great length for heels. They are a little big in the waist, and I always seem to have thigh bunchies. But I love the back pockets!! Think this is my 1st time posting pics here, so here they are. Thanks again!!
Thanks guys! I did the BIN b/c I have been wanting a pair of these forever. And they were already hemmed to my inseam, so I won't have to pay for them to be altered! Thanks for the help!!
Do these look good?? Thanks so much!!! and whats a fair price?? 99??
Thanks, Ill stay away!
Can anyone tell me if i-tronix on ebay is an authentic seller. Or their store is called savvy collection. They have really professional looking pics, which I know some of the bigger sellers have, but just wondering if anyone has dealt with them? Thanks so much!
Love that wash. They look great on!!
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