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can you link to the auction? That might help more. Hope you didn't get a sour deal!
what about vera bradley? there are some cute patterns on verabradley.com - Vera Bradley - Home
my apologies, I didn't read the date on the posts before jumping in.
^ I know what you mean, court. It took me a long time to 'make myself at home' over there... but there are a lot of really cool people there. I like smaller groups more, it is more personal and you get to know people better.
LOVE the shirt idea and am so impressed with the HF design on the lower part of the shirt. I think it would look so great if you made the image bigger and then stuck it more on the side of the shirt, so that the H is more towards the front of the shirt and the F is more towards the backside of the shirt. Can't wait to see the finished product!
Are there any members here? It's a very informative forum, and has been mostly responsible for my insane addiction to Louis Vuitton lol I do love that it's not just dedicated to purses and has quite an array of different subforums. It's a nice resource for authenticating also! I have been buying and selling in the classifieds there for a few months now and have gotten awesome deals! If you want to check it out: The Fashion Accessory Fourm
what kind of price are you looking to spend? Coach and LV both have some gorgeous laptop bags that will last forever. The juicy ones are adorable, but I often wonder about the quality of their bags.
The Fashion Accessory Forum and the Purse Forum too, but was mentioned in this thread already.
good luck! i hear there are some awesome deals on there! I haven't applied yet, but have been a member for 5 months. I haven't been posting like I should though lately with my wedding drawing near.
oh, i LOVE let-trade! They have awesome prices! I try not to visit too often though, it's hard on my checkbook! lol Also, purse forum and fashion accessory forum both have buy/sell sections with great deals. another great site is my poupette's new auction site
New Posts  All Forums: