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Hi   These jeans are actually mine but I can't remember if the are skinni minnies or lean beans. I'm about to sell them and I need to know what they are, extra point if someone knows the wash!       The wash is most accurate on the third picture of the back pockets, thanks for the help
crunkazn i just pm'd you
hey guys are these auth tsubi's and does anyone know of a place that could help authenticate them ? Thanks
real?? i think they are fake..
ok I see it now they do look on the fake side. sorry dissociated
probably cause people keep asking about the anna braclets on here
whats wrong with the R??? I would have thought they were real, anyone care to educate me?
Thank you, thank you thank you! oh, Happy day!
okay well I payed him but would still like someone elses opinion on if these are real! thanks
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