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Try to zoom in on the 8B5 back pockets. Are those really sequins???
Just found this press release: A REVOLUTIONARY 2010 FOR DIESEL The brand unveils a new artistic director and a fresh creative approach Molvena (Italy), January 2010. The New Year begins with many changes at Diesel, starting with the announcement of the appointment of a new artistic director for the Diesel line. Bruno Collin, French publisher and founder of trend magazine WAD, will be responsible for creating and mixing a team of internal and external...
Hmmm, valid in Germany but not in my country
True, their selection is quite limited. But for us who are not living near NY or Tokyo, it's the only place where we can buy actual collection DDG.
That's not true Darnoc, THECORNER.COM, as mentioned above by Dsquared83, does sell DDG from the actual collection. This site is run by the Yoox group but I'm sure they sell actual collection. In fact, if you look at the DDG pages on diesel.com and folow the "Buy" link, you get to THECORNER.COM. I think they are the only official online store allowed to sell DDG.
second that. and a lot of variety in the collection.
Diesel online store in Europe is operated out of Italy. If there are Darrons 8SV made in an Italian lab, you would expect the online store to source them from there instead of from a Romanian lab much further away.
Exactly! The "original" 8SV also has scratches, but much more subtle. On the Darron they looke extremely tacky and overdone. I noticed that a lot of this season's washes are not produced in Italy. Maybe Diesel is trying to safe some money, or trying to offer many washes at a lower price point. But in any case you would expect a constant quality, and I was disappointed to notice that this is not the case...
I've been a fan of the 8SV wash ever since I got my Thanaz 8SV. I figured I could add a pair in a different cut but the same wash to my wardrode. I ordered Darron 8SV from Diesel online. To my biggest surprise, the wash looked completely different from my Thanaz. A quick look on the label revealed that this pair is made in a lab in Romania, whereas my Thanaz 8SV is made in an Italian lab. You would expect a constant quality but that does not seem to be the case. The denim...
body length was a tad longer, body fit was about the same.
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