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and this is gonna be cheap diesel leather jacket! in L Top limited Edition Diesel Herren-Lederjacke bei eBay.de: Jacken (endet 07.10.08 22:57:49 MESZ) hurry up.
sinclairaw in that pic you look like fresh richie hawtin. + for that.
please someone say "i've seen a nipple at x: xx"
new JEAN DIESEL NEUF on eBay, also, Hommes Vêtements, Vêtements, Accessoires (end time 12-Oct-08 17:16:24 BST) 10 EUR 30x32 8AA probably, dont know the cut.
they buy them, thinking they can make more "perfect" fake pairs..
just concentrate on diet and stress a lot, works for me
TequilaOHHHHbaby i cant recall the brand jskidder is wearing for scarves but if willing to spend around 100$ its seriously worth it.
ok i think we all agree that jjdenim seriously need to sack his management staff, employ someone from here..and buy some decent dslr.
Obviously Kimbo on the ground was giving a hand to Petruzelli, but noo guy with pink hair just beats him up and starts running around octagon like a cock.. I still think Kimbo is thoughtful and understands training regime he had wasnt wise enough for all asspects..
im sorry but you probably not in to diesel branding at all if its looks similar to those and you still consider whether its fake.
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