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need jskidder approval here
Can anyone I.D. Zac's sneakers ? Thanks!
i have one Brad leather jacket and i own medium. Its fits perfect and i cant say it runs on small side. Actually first year it was smaller, it stretched a bit now. I would say get same size.
Fit looks good now.
What you reckon which AA v-neck would fit best this sweater? Deep v-neck or jsut v-neck? White colour is a must i suppose? Anyway i'll be wearing some scarf over it. Will post worn pics then have everything.
Tricky - Knowle West Boy
^whats high tops Zac's wearing it that photo? http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/200...ndtrack-03.jpg
All saints always has some great stuff! especially looking at knitwear section now! woow!
i wanted 8IH too but after hearing quite a few opinions from owners i decide to leave it, because its soft thin bit too stretchy denim and it wont hold shape unless you size down so that they'll be hugging you. I havent touched it, but im sure im not wrong here with this statement.
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