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So i bought this on ebay. It was listed in mens section, but i have doubts if it really belongs there That deep cut really looks like on some womens sweaters. Whats your word on this ?
772. after some time i realized that i could size down -2, i still love them! I mean really love them!
^i agree. Thing is that earlier this year i was very seriously condemning other friend actions who was in similar situation, because i couldnt imagine how ppl can act like this and here we are - i did the same and i just cant understand why i did it. I need a psychologist.
ross the aftermath is pretty awful to my superego, because i just cant imagine being anywhere close to those people. I suppose same to them. So for now i quit drinking and hitting gym pretty hard to sweat it all out. Maybe that will help. Probably wont and i will have to live with it.
alcohol is such a big evil, because makes you do things you never really would..Last weekend friends girlfriend comes and sits in your bed asking for it while your friend is passed out drunk on couch. and you cant say no to it.. Even after telling all the truth to him dont make things easier. There was a lot and i mean a lot of alcohol..Tuesdays will never be the same i suppose..
do you know that if you get some calling credits on skype it will be free to call them. im talking from my experience.
contact them and see what they will offer you!
uh those safados looks so much better!
wow what about those two girls! damn gorgeous models
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