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ou see now, great man!
johnnyhanel whats that photo in your avatar? No offense but it looks bit odd..
OMG. i need so many things there!
Am i tripping out or is this for real? I think wearing my APC in this kind of damp and bit showery days of autumn, made them shrink.
^they love all that fake g star stuff?
you're very wrong if you think your posts will change anything, i dont think it needs any change anyway.
^ryanduke i like those! They look a lot smoother in colour, not so contrasty as APC. Am i right?
^PS indigo have the selvedge, not sure about the black ones. Ok man i will let you know, but doubt if it will ever happen
ryanduke yes they are APC PS which are stretching too much around knee area so looking bit odd maybe at the moment, otherwise i love them! . Scarf is made by "all saints", last season. I didnt mention that sweater from diesel. Thanks to everyone so far for input
New Posts  All Forums: