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omg guys, you're awesome !!! thanks!
ye i see, a lot people mentioning them here, i found my size in universalgear.com., but they dont really accept international buyers like we are, revolveclothing.com. gone too, anyone else saw them elsewhere ? lookin for 29/32
Hello everyone! maybe someone familiar with this wash and could provide more info, how this wash called for real ? because i need 29/32 and all i could find was 30/32 DJPremium.com - Diesel - ZATHAN BOOTCUT 3-D TAYLOR BLUE: Free Shipping! DIESEL Zathan in 3-D Taylor Blue at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Really dig this "3-D Taylor Blue" from photos and trying to choose between these too Zathan 89Z, SLAMMER 87J, VIKER 71B. really like 71B wash but judging...
Quote: Originally Posted by pedo im ordering 3 shoes from this season f/w is sick i couldnt find any online shops with f/w winter, please share it with us.
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