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Quote: As well as the Jesus character, it is rumoured that Bruno and his boyfriend, Diesel, adopt an orphaned African baby boy called David and parade the child around fashion shows. It is thought the joke is aimed at Madonna, who adopted a Malawian baby called David Banda. Sacha Baron Cohen's black Jesus to shock America - Telegraph Why the fuck Diesel?
its been said that they bleed a lot.
what about those g star boots i posted in earlier page? I cant rely only on Zodiac word c'mon.. Anyone? Just purchased them for $ 130 including international shipping.
what do you think about these? Im 6'2 and they looking good on me, just still cant make my mind.
thanks for info man. Me need some plain darkish thick denim thanaz
few weeks ago i got a decent job. Good thing i dont have to wear suit every day, but its a must for bussiness meetings. Unfortunatelly over here in far east europe all decent brand prices are sky rocketing.. Only option i have is online. Would you buy a suit online and where?
Grondie as always right!
dont like any of those..
SPF ?! For 29 years, the FDA has refused to publish safety standards for sunscreen products. That's nearly three decades of keeping the public in the dark about the extremely harmful, cancer-causing chemicals found in sunscreen products.
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