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mdieselm where did you get 81E? do they come only in one length? If yes, whats the length ? Thanks
me not a fan either, but maybe i'll pull it off :
Zodiac, great price and everything apart from that colour and i think it wouldnt suit my long legs, i need 34 :/ so no thanaz fashion pants for me i guess.. P.S bought some thanaz-ad 8AA, will see how those look in real.. actually not very excited about this purchase, but we'll see. will post some real worn pics. First ones here i suppose.
Diesel Thanaz 81E Jeans - ssense.com So has anyone seen those apart from ssense and preferably in length 34 ?
love having jskidder back!
Need your opinions because not so many pics around here and on sufu.. At the moment i love my indigo petit standards. If you own A.P.C black raw denim share your opinions about it. thanks
are these petit? good stacking but size down..
Dont size down another size. You'll end up with weird looking knees, this happened to me. Everything stretches, but not below knee, so be aware.
Zodiac have a look at first page as mannequin said. If they are not same, please describe those fashion pants you saw in store. Denim or cloth, what colour, blanks pockets ? This would help a lot, but as you know it wouldnt be enough to make such blind purchase, but your help is appreciated
Thanaz 81E, has anyone seen those in 34L ? its confusing in online shops because all of them find it as 8IE
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