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I need so badly a proxy in U.S., if you wouldnt mind to send few things in a month time, please let me knoe privately. mdjmsj used to help me a lot.. such a great member, but she's not here anymore.. Thanks in advance!
Thanks man!
^that is me. Last weekend we had good fun by river thames in london irjun-s 8SX; thanaz 89S once again wanna thank addynicky for those thanaz!!!
thanaz 89S
how do you cope with raw denim in warm weather? Im currently wearing my APC PS 7 months no wash at work, can feel my balls sweating and some granda cookie smell. Is it low rise or wha causing it?
pics pics pics..
got those too not so long ago, wearing them now actually. Absolutelly love them! keep them for sure!
Hey, i just visited JJDENIM and they prices are in EUR. I suppose its depending on my location im in, but its not worth anymore since you cant buy in USD. Prices are way too high now. Anyone else experienced this inconvience?
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