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obay, the sleeves are definitely way too short, you need at least 2-3" more. overall length, imo, is too short as well, but I don't mind that as much and depends more on the actual cut and personal preference. it fits you well in the chest because its a regular cut. if you intend on sticking with the same make and model then size up accordingly and get it tailored / slimmed to get the chest fit and sleeves length. good luck bro, let us know what you decide.
anthony, you certainly have your fits down perfect and have a style of your own here, even right down to how you do your pics. i'd still love to see you throw in a dash of color, like a bright red scarf lol. i think an element of flare like that would bring you right over the top.
grondie, no one will mistake you for a chick lol. are you going to get 71j in a different cut?
obay, i like the profile, it has a nice shape. unless you got them for dirt cheap and can flip them, i'd just keep them. you should post worn pics.
jets overhead - killing time
evil, i dig that look on you, it suits you very well. would love it even more if you wore some black boots. imo, it'll go much better with the jacket.
agree with zdenal, i think 8TI Diesel Regular Slim Ronhar
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Lookin smooth tosay, nice to see you posting Love the outfit, but the tie would have looked better with a pair of fitted dress pants IMO Great fit none-the-less thanks bro, great to see you as well. damn, seems like every subsequent pic you post you've bulked up, looking beastly! all points well taken, yours and evil, cez. need some denim time and save the dress pants etc for work or events that require...
thanks guys. evil, i agree, its more just a personal preference. i like a tie to be more pronounced when i wear something tight over, like a vest or vneck sweater. when the tie is completely visible its entire length, i prefer something slimmer, although i don't like anything less than 2.5" width.
been a very long time... last night, safado 8aa (excuse the crap pic.. its not like i'm anthony, ok?)
New Posts  All Forums: