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Quote: Originally Posted by binaryfi it's a '08 Diesel model. "Jorje" or something Sort of. Jiorj. I have it, too. Amazing jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by momonami5 Zatiny 88z I thought Zatiny 88Z or Zathan 8AA. Looks smart.
^ What are those? Zathan or Zatiny?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrAnonymous I'm trying to buy a pair of Zatiny 8UP from the Diesel Online Store and when I got to the 3rd step PAYMENT, it still shows up as $154+$7.5 shipping, which is still 30% off. How come it doesnt't go to 50%? BTW I just became a CULT member. Does anyone know any coupon code? USexpress30 doesn't work anymore Same for me. Only 30%. I'm also a CULT member.
Quote: Originally Posted by etgreg Heads Up! Diesel on-line is 50% off starting “now” January 1st 2010. Still only 30% in the U.S.
Poiak for sure. The Thanaz and Darron? No. Have you tried Safado?
Quote: Originally Posted by ross Considering I sold those Fankers NWT (not sure if I ever posted worn pics), I didn't "rock" them at all... Just seems silly to taper a bootcut in 2009 if you're not going to just make them into straight legs. Dude, you're still on this anti-bootcut wagon? Sheesh. The fit is good, Slimjim. They look like Troulegs, which is cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by slimjim X-Rotuck MA. 119 (tapered to straight leg) w/ JV combat boots They look like Troulegs. Grondie's gonna be beasting after X-Rotucks to transform them into X-Troulegs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naomi80 It's been a while since I've posted here I don't see much female members posting here any more. Did I miss something? You didn't miss anything. We missed you! Beasting aside, great fit on those!
Quote: Originally Posted by binaryfi DDG from yoox. GOt these and the grey last month or so. Good surprise. DDG Supra Aoki Strapped Did you spill red crayon on your shoes?
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