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Yes, for the record if anyone missed it I referenced TR with a "troubled/confused" smiley face. I DO NOT wear TR unless I have to at work. Just can't believe how much MEK sells.
Men's Oaxaca - Our top seller (though this one is missing the sweet leather patching) Men's Rock Revival Paul Back Pocket Detail -
Denimblog had Tyrese in a pair a few weeks ago but the site seems to be down this morning. Both men's and women's are nauseating. Look at the metroparkusa.com site for examples. They are all like medium-rise in a weird penis-tent sort of way. They are all this unflattering relaxed bootcut fit that is way wide in the thigh. The stitching is junk compared to my Diesels or SFAM's. MEK is stupid embroidery designs and more bootcuts. Rock Revival is stupider embroidery...
Seriously, what is this garbage? Why do I sell so much of it at work? Why are we phasing out Rock and Republic for MEK and its (same company owned) other brand "Rock Revival." I'd rather wear TR. Does anyone wear this stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar you misgrouped TR and R&R Yeah I know but better than these things we sell called "MEK" and "Rock Revival" I don't wear TR either but I have been borrowing a pair to work this job the past few months as I don't want to mess up any R and R's. "F you; F you; F you; YOU'RE COOL, I'm OUT!"
I actually used to assistant manage at another retailer and we would pay out the remainder on the next pay date and they would have to come pick it up unless we didn't want them back in which case we would mail it. I was just curious if this giant corporation had some trick for stealing my money if I blow them off.
I work as a "style consultant" (salesperson) at a silly chain denim retailer that pushes both nice jeans (TR, Rock and Republic, etc) and "D-Bag Bar Wear" stuff like Ed Hardy, Affliction, generic-store-brands, etc. During most shifts, I am in the top 2 or 3 out of usually 6 salespeople on the floor. However, my hours are manipulated such that I get lots of "sales support" time - folding work that destroys my overall sales-per-hour and commission earnings. For example, I...
Haha wow can't believe this thread is still going. They actually have some pretty nice R and R's (Regime Henlees) on sale for $180 - %35. I haven't seen much better around here. Anyway, I'm still poor so I'm borrowing a friend's TR's until I find a better job. On the upside, I got to watch the most asshole-ish manager get fired by a super-flaming-gay district manager who stopped by for a surprise visit the other day.
Haha I wish I was messing with you guys but a summa cum laude liberal arts degree just ain't what it used to be. MP isn't a bad place to work - you wouldn't catch me dead in all that Ed Hardy crap though. I guess I'll go with the R and R's - I do like a slimmer bootcut. So 40% off $260 probably still wouldn't beat prices here, huh?
I've been working at Metropark for a little while and they have been bugging me for not following the dress code. I have to wear denim from one of the brands they carry. I like Diesel and SFAM but all Metropark carries for guys are these brands: True Religion (Billy and Joey, maybe a few more) MEK (lots of it) Rock Revival (supposedly made by MEK) Rock and Republic (only one fit - the Henlee) Affliction Monarchy I don't really know about MEK, Rock Revival, Affliction, or...
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