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I purchased my younger brother a pair. They're a lil looser than bootcut but not by much. He'll be in town next week so if you still want a photo of someone in them, PM me.
How much are they worth (size 23s)? I did a search for them and the last post about how much tan snakes were worth were from last year. Also, do these run big?
Quote: Originally Posted by ntegragsr93 they are: RUCKUS KIEDIS, XANEX BLUE JAGGER, QUAALUDE KIEDIS BORAX KIEDIS, METHANE PHOENIX ROTH, CRYSTAL PINK DARK VAPOR CROWNS (missing crystals) cut on crowns could be any of the following: MADRID midrise flare LONDON super lowrise bootcut STOCKHOLM midrise straight leg Thanks~!
Quote: Originally Posted by HonestJean The ones on the top right are sample quaaludes aren't they? I believe so. Is that a bad thing?
Quote: Originally Posted by constantine03 If you read the codes on the inside...that'd be more help. The majority of them don't have tags, that's why I'm asking.
Here is a better photo. Pink crowns have been sold... =(
I'm retarded, I just got into RRs and purchased all these jeans and don't even know the names or washes - they were just sooo pretty! Someone please inform me so that I can be informed. =) *sorry if the picture quality is bad... resizing does that. I'll try to take another one if they can't be seen.
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