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The sad thing is that you're going out of your way to help this numb nuts verify the authenticity of his jeans. And yet he thinks you're the problematic one. Tell him you'll trade him lessons in tact, diction, and a basic overview of the English language for his awesome jeans. What a d-bag.
Context is having a 50% off sale - but it ends today, very soon I believe. I am not sure of everything that is on sale, but you can get a pair of Imperials for $132.50 CONTEXT CLOTHING
I don't think eanyone has posted this yet, so here goes: (If it's a dupe, I apologize.) 35% cash back from eBay purchase using Microsoft Live Search *No selling!* - SlickDeals.net Forums Please note that I am just passing this on and haven't confirmed anything personally. I read this on SD, regardless of the initial Live Search results, so long as you've gotten to eBay and you see the little $Microsoft cashback 20% banner at the top, anything you search for will...
If you can find it, T08 is a great lighter wash.
Keep them separate for sure or else your dress shoes by day will get quickly ruined by night. And, def. don't wear anything like square toe Kenneth Coles with a suit. Crappy shoes and a nice suit look just as bad as a crappy suit on its own. Keep it classic and simple - a good old cap toe will do just fine. Allen Edmonds is a good starting point, imo.
I believe this is it: http://www.honestforum.com/diesel-je...-fake-imo.html Sorry - it's hard to find pics - most of the posts were ebay listings from a long time ago.
OP: That's a pretty dope watch. If you can't find it, I'll concur with the others that Tokyoflash is a great alternative if you're seeking futuristic LED type watches. I've purchased 3 watches from them - they have very cool stuff. Also, their shipping to the States is very fast.
Thanks all. jskidder: I agree. The Duke cut does seem to fit well on bigger guys like myself. skistar: Yeah, the biggest issue was the sizing. I was a little gun shy about dropping down after trying that with the F310s. Anyway, I like the Dukes a lot. I hope they won't stretch too much down the road. BTW, Your fit is solid and your pair looks like it's breaking in nicely. I look forward to documenting the progress of these bad boys.
First off, despite the recommendation of some, I did end up parting with my Flathead F310s due to tightness in the thighs. As a replacement, however, I picked up a pair of Imperial Dukes in indigo and I love them. As a reference, I went with my "normal" Diesel size 36 and while tough to button, they should break in well in my opinion. (I was scared to drop down to 34 after my F310 experience. I never post pics, but thought I'd share because I haven't seen a ton of...
T08 and 710 get my vote.
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