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haven't posted in awhile.........here are a few pics w/ my babe Julius leather jkt...........
need money for my trip............i have to sell some of my leather jackets, tony.
a couple days ago....... dick oven....
Quote: Originally Posted by Premier I dunno Kubie, some look like they might haunt me in my dreams but if you like em buy them. It's what you think that matters. These are the ones that you can hold things in them right? i wish i have money tho. and yes, they all have the zipper pocket at the back. so, you can put something in.
you mean ccp boots or ccp derbies? i haven't owned a pair of them yet. but i think ccp boots run 1-1.5 bigger & ccp derbies run 1,5-2 bigger. i really want a pair of boots and derbies so bad...but i'm so fucking broke now, and saving money for my trip on next month. you wanna talk to james, get to JAWNZFORUM p.s if you have any q's about ccp shoes, get to stylezeitgeist......
they run really true size. i think 10.5/11 will fit u as well.
honestly, i really like them and juz wish that they don't cost that much. so, i can get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Premier rick owens? Bingo! do you like them?
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Kub's no offense I usually love stuff you post but it looks like those fur dolls had a bad encounter with Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction... i haven't seen that movie yet.......but why? they do look cute, imo.
you think so? i can't stop looking at them, i think they're so cute tho.
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