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in the last set of pics, the length is fine, but the length in the sleeves is still a bit off.
ace, the sleeves still are not working for you. it's a tad bit too long there making it look funny. it messes with the proportions. also zipped up looks fine, but I'm not fond of how it looks on you unzipped. maybe the template on these are not cut well, or maybe your body varies a lot from the templates.
usually on darker pairs with no original distressing you do away with the old hem and just make a new one. they look identical so there's no point keeping the original hem if it's not distressed.
in my opinion, the typical texture of wool/ or the like pea coats should not be starched. the material is not thin enough, and pea coats well, are not supposed to look starched. a simple remedy to your problem would be to pull your collar up, open and widen up your scarf, wrap it around your collar where you want to strengthen the collar up, with a simple over and under in the front. if that does not work. just wear a scarf.
I think the counterfeiter REALLY gave it away with the big ass "DIESEL" on the back, jersey style
your fashion is yours. my fashion is mine. (general, no one in particular) you don't want to dress like me, and I don't want to dress like you. That's a good thing. this topic has been beaten to death so many times. we are all unique because we are all individually different. accept this, and this forum would be a happier place.
that sucks imso! damn... i guess that big ass sale and holiday times could have delayed things. i have ordered before and after the sale, my things are still looking to get here on time.
first, you have to upload the picture to an internet hosting site, such as photobucket.com. then, when you reply in this thread, click the mountains moon logo and put in the direct link to the photo that is hosted on photobucket.com
i would hem it just a bit for the perfect length. her fit in them is quite nice and ideal.
where are you located? US? if so, they use Canada Expressmail to our USPS. Their shipment to the US is fairly quick... usually within a business week. goodluck
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