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Good luck!
After our recovery week this week we start a bunch of new workouts, so we'll see how they go. I'm kind of looking forward to Core Synergistics, I'm very curious to see how it is.
Dammit I just don't want the viker's because of that stupid animal on the back. They released this wash in Koffha this season... JJDenim - For Men
So in your opinion what cut should i be going for?
Well 71j's stretch at least 1 or 2 sizes, so they're gonna get looser. and hmm Ross I'll keep that in mind
So i just got these today [from texasplayer]. The wash is awesome! (of course) however I think I might not have sized down enough...dammit! So nice though!! i think I might keep them and hope they don't stretch out too much (probably false hope GRRR)
Nice! I just bought these off of Texasplayer last week. Should be in transit now, i can't wait to get them!
lol, I figured so. don't get me wrong, i wasn't arguing. i was just posting what their crazy website said. like i said, i just have taylor's and henley's. good thing i didn't buy any pete's (i only like bootcut)
It's just weird that their website says this (maybe it's old or something)
If you go to ROCK & REPUBLIC, go to collection, then fit guide - Male, it kind of lists the fits. This is from their website. Neil - Straight Leg CBGB - Skinny Leg Henley - Lowrise Bootcut Pete - Midrise Bootcut Taylor - Bootcut with Flaps Vaughn - Stovepipe I only have Henley's and Taylor's, so I'm not 100% sure if the other ones are correct (well if they're wrong then R&R's site is wrong)
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