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Selling a pair of Acne max cash in 29x34. Slightly too small for me, if anyone has a 30 they are willing to trade pm me. Great condition, soaked once by previous owner but it is still black as ever, nothing wrong with them. Slightly stretchy material. I think this is the perfect pair of black jeans.   w: 15.5 t: 10.85 k: 7.4 lo: 6.9 fr: 8.4 br: 13.9 i: 35
bump price dropped
Bought this from a member from jawns a while ago, however it is slightly too small on me. Great jacket but i would've kept if it fit better. Fits slim and nice.   Size: Small Condition: Lightly worn Selling price: $156 shipped) Fabric: heavy cotton   Shoulders: 17" Armpit-To-Armpit Chest: 19" Height: 24.5" Sleeve @ Shoulder-To-Armpit: 9.5" Sleeve Width @ Elbow: 6.25" Sleeve Length From Shoulder Seam: 25"
that fit was garbage anyways
i would say size up, i wear thanaz in 28 and grim tim in 29 and they fit nearly the same.
i would stay TTS. But they do fit slimmer than usual.
why the hell would you do that, defeats the purpose of raw denim in every way.
levislad looking as gay as ever
evil sushi, what shoes are those?
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