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my girlfriend made this pic for me.. ziozia jacket dior the-end t-shirt dior glassess 2weeks ago maybe eloq shirt June.J knit 1weeks ago
well they fit properly but if you size up 1 or wear little down, then it looks better i think!!
Quote: Originally Posted by StrongerThanAll why do you care what others think?? but i agree, many americans don't understand the concept of fashion and they rather keep buying A&F, Hollister, GAP and etc.. it is just a matter of culture.. Generally European brands have slimmer sillouette which contrasts with the american people. just my 2 cents well, i just wonder about this because it is different view..!! i think you right. it is just a...
hi guys. i just wonder about some thema. in korea, Designer brand is very very popular especially Diesel, True-religion, Dsquared2, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana. but today, i heard something from one member of DIESELMANIA forum (korean fashion forum) he loves dolce & gabbana jeans. and he lives in USA now. but when he wears his dolce jeans, then his friends tease him because he looks gay. he said his friends told him he looks gay... also he said, in USA, many ppl...
i saw this vivienne t-shirt.. at first i think its fake, because i havent seen like this one..( orb patched on top-middle... i only see right-below version) but later, i guess it is real one maybe..because, this ones quality is so good imo.. maybe..these are different version..? does anyone knows about this??? plz identify this one!!! is this fake or authentic??!
hi Cez ! do you remember me ? haha. long time no see !! welcome back!
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder i personally think avatar hit the nail on the head when it comes to the 88s wash... haha, yeah i saw some hf members dont like timmen 88s.. but i like them. their back pocket is little too fancy, but i think they have their own fascination!! well, what do you think about timmen 88s jskidder ? i'm curious .
these are not my pics. but they are TOO HOT.. (dieselmania forum members pics) well, i have no experience with timmen cut because i like zathan, x-rotuck, farco only.. but.. these are so wonderful!! finally, i really really fall into love with timmen cut!! they are slim-straight and have little longer rize, so they are much comfortable than faro i think!!!! also, i thought , when it comes to 88s wash, shazor is better than timmen.. but..... look at this...
Quote: Originally Posted by dvd very nice jeans ..indeed.. hey dvd..your 82n is THE RUTEST PAIR, man..wow.. they are really awesome..
where is your 82n vivek?! 82n is one of my favorite wash !! .. ..but i didnt find my size yet..damn..
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