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I find the Zatiny back pockets on the 8AT to be more tolerable than other zatinys. Personally I think they fit the jean well and blend in. Be warned though, my pair of Zatiny 8AT run a bit short.
possibly 737
I have Zatiny 8AT, and I really like the wash. It's a simple, clean medium blue with some whiskering. I got my normal zathan size, and when I tried them on for the first time, they were really hard to get on. After a few wears, though, they stretched to absolute perfection. My only complaint is that mine run a bit short. So go with your normal size, which seems to be 30.
I disagree. While the 72L's were comfy in the waist in 28, they were way too tight around the thigh. My 29's have just a little bit more breathing room but are still snug around the leg and much more wearable.
Yes, this thread is 8 months old. A few weeks after I posted I exchanged my w28 72L for a w29 and I'm much happier. But you shouldn't bump old useless threads.
I'm just afraid that hairspray will mar the wash or awkwardly displace some of the rust. Did you do this to a rusty wash?
I have a bit of a problem regarding my Thanaz 72C. There's a mark of pen ink on the left leg right as the lap distressing ends. It's not very noticeable, but it's still a nuisance. I rarely wear these Thanaz, so they've never needed to be washed. I've looked up how to remove ink from jeans on other websites (most recommend rubbing alcohol or hairspray), but since the 72C wash is more delicate than most, I was wondering if there were any other options that wouldn't risk...
I originally sized down one with Thanaz 72L and the result wasn't pretty. I switched it with my normal size and I'm much happier now.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike on autopilot The backside really doesn't look too flattering. Sizing down to a 28 would absolutely fix this.
Are the thanaz 8AA at the commons outlet too?
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