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Way too small. Look at the shoulders. It's ugly anyway.
Because he's not a dude?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brandon26pdx Only a fellow car guy would understand this behaivior LOL yeah. I do have the courtesy to offer to drop the chicks off if they don't want to walk, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by nthach Pfft, Costco sells Ed Hardy for $17. Fuck. I got ripped off.
Awesome. What are some other pussy-magnet classical pieces on the beginner level? Anyone have suggestions?
If you decide to get them, check your local TJMaxx and Marshall. You can get 'em for 20 bucks a pop. Can't beat that.
Too big, too long and too boring. Button stance is the weirdest I've ever seen. Sorry.
Has anyone bought stuff from loveandchic.com. They seem to have good prices on high-end stuff, on par with eBay. Are they legit?
The trick with the kiosk guys/gals is no eye contact. Just keep walking. Once you look at them, you're at their mercy.
I've never come across a Diesel jacket that fits decently. This one is terrible. Way too baggy around the belly and pulling at the chest. Return it.
New Posts  All Forums: