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I got to agree with you on this one...I wear bootcuts/relaxed bootcuts thought the transition would be easy to the standard..they fit fine in the waist but the thighs are too tight imo
2,4,5,6 perfect fit for bootcuts ..anyone know what belt is in pic #2?
like nfj?
Male 21 Asian/Vietnamese Casual Seven has nice material as far as jeans goes. 5 pairs normal 80-130 100 I heard it from my friend he had some sevens/express when they made jeans together. He gave me a pair and I was hooked. I see a lot of girls in their twenties wearing them. I normally buy it from 50-100 bucks depending on how clean it looks. Nope Ebay, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom The first sevens i actually bought and still own is about 2 years. I wear my relaxed...
it's nice price too steep
philadelphia has one of the highest murder rates
those are stock pics off a website..ask for real pics
the A pockets look like their painted on..the 2 sigs look alright..yeah some of the newer bootcuts i've tried on seem a little tighter
those are too gaudy for a guy to wear imo
nyd bootcut is a good starter pair
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