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i think the logo of the 2. jeans. looks like this:  
yes, I made this collages. But all images have still the original size. If you want see the original size, then you must open the picture on a new tab or window.   on the last picture could be a logo?    
Maybe Acne jeans from SS13. He likes Acne Jeans at the moment.
Hi everybody,   in my opinion Josh Hartnett has a very nice Jeans collection!   I found some Dior Homme, April 77 and BLK DNM jeans.     but i need your help to identify this one:   1.   I'm sure he bought the most stuff in Soho (New York), but there're many brands.   Thanks in advance!
i found a lot of more washing... these one looks a lil' bit like the Preeto that I'm searching
thanks for your help but I think it's more this washing Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX ...Where does the washing stand in yoox?
I'm searching the Diesel Jeans "Preeto" and It would me interest in which washings and which cuts it this Jeans gives and of which collection it is. Simply everything what you knows about these jeans. would thank already once in advance. PS: @ jskidder, from which label is the simple white v t-shirt that you wearing at you profil?
Whats the exactly label and washing of David Beckhams Rock and Republic Jeans?
thank's for you help
has no one an idea, i believe the things are all out of the collection 2006. Has someone the diesel "Preeto" Jeans and what do you thing about them?
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