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Lol I'm actually going to sell them on here bc I dont like them on me....but, I have no idea how to measure
A friend passed these on to me and I just want to be sure that they are authentic and also if they have been hemmed (she doesn't think so) . Thanks guys!
Happy Birthday!! Have fun!
good luck! i hope you get your money back. i hate when ppl can't admit that they are wrong!!
Also, I have heard that the magic eraser helps remove stains too
Good idea I will check ebay now. Looks like there are no current listings and...1 successful completed listing with a best offer of 625.
I received this laptop as a gift and I just don't use it so I am looking to sell it to a family member or someone who would use it. Now, I don't know the original retail price but I do know that is about a year old and is an HP Pavillion DV2225nr. If anyone is familiar with this model or anything please let me know what an appropriate asking price would be. Also, the warranty has just expired but HP did send me an extended battery (lasts about 8 or so hours depending on...
Thanks Pink!
I love the monkeys!!
Thanks Dave! I never knew that I could do it on my camera and save a lot of time/hassle.
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