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k. got it. Thanks all.
Oh and what does FTW mean??
What is the difference between firefox and internet explorer? At work we have both and I can't tell a major difference other than the way things look.
whoa, i would have been FREAKING OUT if I were a passenger!
I would ask for close up of the "G"s facing eachother but other than that I think the quality looks good.
Sorry if this is a stupid or obvious question, but I've never heard of baby phat being faked? To the best of my knowledge it isn't too too expensive right?
Ya, I wouldn't pay either. When a member is no longer a registered user and they recently had listings it is definitely a red flag..don't go there!
Student majoring in clinical psychology, grad school = next year for my Ph.D. I work at an office for my school about 25 or so hours a week and also work part time on a suicide hotline.
You don't need an invitation to the purse forum, you need an invitation to sell/buy and you must have at least 500 posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omore123 Guys, thank you so much! ugghh that makes me soo mad! Anyway, is there anyone that knows the "BIG" difference b/t the the real and fake gucci shoes. I mean here are two links.... one being fake and 2 being real..... What's so bad with going for the fake? 1 GUCCI 2008 CLASSIC ICON SNEAKERS*-*New Season Prada Sneakers, Gucci Sneakers From Shoes2World 2 RAFFAELLO NETWORK - Details Thanks guys, I love this website...
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