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Is it impossible for you to fall asleep with out some sort of sound on? I guess if you guys can't / don't want to sleep seperately you both will have to compromise.
I love spinning so much. I never get bored and I am always motivated to push myself. I really don't know the benefits of spinning (weight loss, toning, etc) but I love it and it makes me sweat..thats all I care about
Have you ever talked to a doctor/psychiatrist about possibly trying some medication to help you fall asleep? I would also reccomend trying tylenol's "simply sleep". It is made by tylenol but doesn't contain any actual pain reliever in it. Good luck!
Hi girls! So last night (after having a horrible week) I decided to get my butt into gear and stop thinking about it. I did spinning for 45 minutes, abs class for 30 minutes, and total muscle conditioning for 45 minutes. I plan on going spinning again tonight! I feel much better already after working out. Hopefully I can see the difference soon. Does anyone know if spinning is a good cardio exercise to lose weight? I sweat so much while I'm in class, more than I do...
That video is great!! I can't believe the dog was jumping around in that much snow!
This totally sucks. When will it head back down!? I remember when it was $1.71 and I swore up and down that I would NOT pay more than that..ever.
In the Cleveland area it is $3.50!!! I seriously can no longer justify this. Death to bush.
Guess I will be switching to fire fox. What are the addons?
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