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^I asked her a picture of her Coach receipt and have yet to hear from her.
^exactly..the keyword is IF
hi spammer. bye spammer
lol same here. this is her latest reply. That is the actual item you will be getting because I already bought myself a few and when you buy the item from coach and only seeing the photo on their website, then that is the one you will get otherwise then can be in trouble for selling you something that they advertised and you did not receive just like with ebay. You can see by our feedback that we do sell you exactly what is pictured and this is the purpose of feedback and...
Here is her response: We receive a discount from Coach and Coach does have a discount in place for valued customers which a lot of people do not even know about. We also do not discuss what we pay for items and we feel that it should not matter for a customer because they are getting a great deal on items that are 100% authentic and people today only care about what amount they pay for an item. I hope you do not take this info in a bad way but just think about that you...
So I'm looking for a new sig. stripe tote and I e-mailed the seller requesting actual pictures of her item (she only has a stock pic). She e-mailed me back saying she would as soon as Coach delivered the purse.. Wait, what? She doesn't even have the purse yet, but she is selling it on ebay, eventually taking a loss..etc.. I just sent her a message back asking why she was selling it when she never even had the purse because she will not make more than the purse is...
I don'tknow if they are real or not but I was just saying I hope that they aren't because they are UGLY!
well i hope those damier boots next to them aren't real, thats for sure.
for the monogram you will probably need close ups of the Gucci symbol for us to be sure.. and just b/c a seller guarantees authenticity, it means nothing.
haha. these are good.
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